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Lylith ... Why are you only a pillion?
Lylith ... I have a bad back. I also have horrible balance. Even as a kid, on a bicycle, I'd fall over. I don't trust myself, on any level, to pilot a motorcycle and I'm perfectly happy being a Professional Pillion [and I do have full gear]. In fact, I love it. I love riding fast on the sport bikes. I love leisurely rides on the cruisers [plus if there's a sissy-seat, I can take pictures]. It's all good. Except the dirt-bike type bikes, I'm not comfortable on those.

Lylith ... HALP! I don't know how to ride with a pillion! What do I do?
Lylith ... I can help! First, read this thread and all the threads linked within. Second, get at least 3000 miles under your belt, learning how to ride, and be comfortable on your bike. Third, contact me via email/text/MeetUp/FetLife/Twitter/IM/etc. and we can set up a time to meet. As long as you have full gear [ATGATT!], I will help teach you how to ride with a pillion.

Lylith ... Is your hair naturally purple?
Lylith ... Yes, of course! My grandfather was a red-head and my grandmother was one of those "blue-haired old ladies," and it skips a generation and this is what I ended up with.

Lylith ... What's with the tiger?
Lylith ... It's a backpack. It holds all my crap. Plus, it's damn cute and I love tigers. No, it's not a gorrila, a bear or a dog. It's not even a lion or a leopard. It's a tiger.

Lylith ... What is FSM?
Lylith ... Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. rAmen!

Lylith ... What does Pescetarian mean?
Lylith ... I don't eat land animals. Just some fish and shrimp - Pescetarianism.

If you see me on the road... (Serenity looks like a cross, ugh.)
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