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Screw You, IRS!

I e-filed my taxes on 22 March. I got my “the IRS has accepted your federal return” email on 22 March. Then I waited for my refund. I expected my refund within a couple weeks, as usual. I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. On 17 April I got a letter from the IRS saying […]

Sacramento Hideous Art Council

​​​Dear City Council: Hello. I’ve refrained from chiming in about this, as I couldn’t care less about sports, but the more I think about it, the more it bothers me. I am confused, I am angered, I am disgusted. Why you are throwing away over $8 million on a single piece of art (which is […]

Melting Colors and Radiation Protection

While I was browsing Amazon today, looking for a new bra, I found a beautiful Double Color By Melting Fashionable And Comfortable Breathable Bra Set and a Radiation Protection Material in the Thin Sexy Bra along with two of the best product descriptions I’ve ever read! I don’t understand their sizing either.

What Red Light?

Today, when Craig was driving home, this guy decided to blow right through the red light, with not even a touch on his brakes. There are so many people who blow through this light. We kind of see it regularly. Here’s the video:

Protected: Mushroom Mushroom

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Protected: Two Girls, One Ex

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My Day In Pictures

Since a few of the credit card companies insist on sending me pre-approved junk, over and over, even when I request they stop, I gladly return their No Postage Necessary envelopes with various gifts. I’ve sent local take-out menus, coupons, junk mail flyers – pretty much anything that fits in the envelope. This time I […]

Protected: Seriously?!

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Protected: That Was Fun

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Horrible Humans

WTF is wrong with people?! Here are two of the worst people I’ve ever heard of [other than the famously horrific people]… >>> Quin Woodward Pu [the comments on her blog post are priceless] >>> Larry Busby [don’t miss the reddit IAmA] These two should get together.