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Real Pledge of Allegiance

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Is Depression An Infectious Disease?

To me, and my messed up brain, this makes a lot of sense… …and this is the mental image I cannot shake. I had such a huge crush on Walter Koenig when I was growing up. Well, I still do. MDD has hit the Koenig family quite hard.


All over the Internet today, there’s been an incredible outpouring of love and admiration for Leonard Nimoy. reddit’s snoo … and hundreds and hundreds of posts… This made me cry when I saw it in the theatre. It always will. This, on the other hand, will always make me laugh. A famous quote, written by […]

Electric Boogaloo!

Here’s a favorite ’80s flashback!

Electric Bacteria!

I find this utterly fascinating! {{…SOURCE…}}

Protected: The Clash Asked It Best

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Protected: Kitty Pix And Videos

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What Red Light?

Today, when Craig was driving home, this guy decided to blow right through the red light, with not even a touch on his brakes. There are so many people who blow through this light. We kind of see it regularly. Here’s the video:


I saw this on imgur today and I want to share it. see: The Matt Walsh Blog If you are debating this choice, please go to HopeLine first. Robin Williams is one of my most favorite people. I cannot fathom this future without him. He had such an amazing gift of humor and such a […]