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Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

This morning, when Craig left for work, I noticed something on the sidewalk. I thought it was a dead bird, but it was a bat. It was on its back, and I thought it was dead. The sprinklers were going off, and the poor little thing was all wet. I went to move it onto […]

How Old Do I Look?

Oh Microsoft, you’re so funny. Microsoft has this new, How Old Do I Look? site, where you upload a photo, it analyses it and gives you the age it thinks you are. A picture of me from the summer of 2012, where I was 41. A picture of Craig from Halloween 2014, where he was […]

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my awesome cousin, Shira! Happy Birthday to my awesome kitty, Arthur! He’s sixteen today! [reddit:cats & reddit:seniorkitties]

Three Years

Happy Anniversary, to the best man ever! The past three years have been the best of my life. 20120428 ~ Santa Cruz Wharf, Santa Cruz, CA 20130922 ~ Devil’s Punchbowl, CA 20130922 ~ San Andreas Fault, CA 20140223 ~ San Diego Botanic Garden, CA 20141102 ~ Rancho San Diego, CA (He doesn’t have purple hair, […]


I introduced Arthur to reddit’s SeniorKitties:


All over the Internet today, there’s been an incredible outpouring of love and admiration for Leonard Nimoy. reddit’s snoo … and hundreds and hundreds of posts… This made me cry when I saw it in the theatre. It always will. This, on the other hand, will always make me laugh. A famous quote, written by […]


Craig is a dog person. I am kind of a cat person, but I also really love dogs. We have talked about getting one. Craig has said he wants to get a dog since we met, almost three years ago. Well, on Thursday the 11th, during that super nasty storm that hit NorCal, Craig became […]


I saw this lady driving down 2nd Street in El Cajon, yesterday. Yes, I giggled. I really enjoy when people have fun plates.

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Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom. … and Happy Veteran’s Day He served in WWII