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Can I Sue Kaiser Permanente?

​Can I sue Kaiser Permanente? Is this malpractice? Their doctors, and I use the title very loosely, as it sure wasn’t earned by these people, left me so much worse off than the day I got my KP insurance.   ANDREA BELKO, PCP:   I went in for my annual physical, to discuss my GERD becoming […]

How Old Do I Look?

Oh Microsoft, you’re so funny. Microsoft has this new, How Old Do I Look? site, where you upload a photo, it analyses it and gives you the age it thinks you are. A picture of me from the summer of 2012, where I was 41. A picture of Craig from Halloween 2014, where he was […]

Three Years

Happy Anniversary, to the best man ever! The past three years have been the best of my life. 20120428 ~ Santa Cruz Wharf, Santa Cruz, CA 20130922 ~ Devil’s Punchbowl, CA 20130922 ~ San Andreas Fault, CA 20140223 ~ San Diego Botanic Garden, CA 20141102 ~ Rancho San Diego, CA (He doesn’t have purple hair, […]

Kaiser Permanente Psychiatry Sucks

I’m still waiting for the results of my endoscopy. All the discharge paperwork says, other than that they took biopsies, is that they found gastritis. I would normally lock this post, due to the personal information, but I feel that the warning about Kaiser is worth leaving it public. I was supposed to go see […]


I go for an endoscopy later this morning. They had better find something. Anything. I do not want to hear, “Everything looks just fine.” Everything is not “just fine!” It is not normal to start coughing in my sleep, which wakes me up, because the last cough was coupled with vomit. It is not normal […]

[UPDATE] Sleep?

The Sleep Lab just called. The results of the sleep monitor are negative for sleep apnea. Now, I need to discuss other options and stuff with my Neurologist. Woohoo!


A new doctor, who I saw a few weeks ago, thinks some of the stuff I’ve been dealing with might stem from some form of sleep apnea. This past Monday night, I wore this lovely gizmo overnight. I have never considered sleep apnea. I don’t snore, I’m a side-sleeper and, to my knowledge, I’ve never […]

War On Christianity Is Really On Jews

For years, we’ve been bombarded with whining about this non-existent “War On Christianity” and the equally obnoxious “War On Christmas.” Well, we can all finally say, “Shut the front door!” It is extremely clear that these faux wars do not exist in reality. What does exist, still, is the war on Jews! War On Christianity? […]

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