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How Old Do I Look?

Oh Microsoft, you’re so funny. Microsoft has this new, How Old Do I Look? site, where you upload a photo, it analyses it and gives you the age it thinks you are. A picture of me from the summer of 2012, where I was 41. A picture of Craig from Halloween 2014, where he was […]

War On Christianity Is Really On Jews

For years, we’ve been bombarded with whining about this non-existent “War On Christianity” and the equally obnoxious “War On Christmas.” Well, we can all finally say, “Shut the front door!” It is extremely clear that these faux wars do not exist in reality. What does exist, still, is the war on Jews! War On Christianity? […]

Thank You, Friskies!

Your first spin, you will get all 7s, which gets you a free kitty food sample. After that, you can spin and spin and spin, as many times as you like, until you get tired of spinning. I keep this type of food in the closet for emergencies, but I’d never feed Friskies to my […]

INFJ-T – The Advocate

Take the test.

Superfish Test

Test your computer for Superfish, Komodia and PrivDog. Do it. It’s one click. You have zero excuses not to.


All over the Internet today, there’s been an incredible outpouring of love and admiration for Leonard Nimoy. reddit’s snoo … and hundreds and hundreds of posts… This made me cry when I saw it in the theatre. It always will. This, on the other hand, will always make me laugh. A famous quote, written by […]

Calling All Redditors

Please, please go to reddit:donate, search for 39-1689294 and vote for Valley of the Kings Sanctuary and Retreat. One vote per charity. Do not vote with multiple reddit IDs. You can vote for more than one charity.

Protected: The Clash Asked It Best

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Free Custom Badge

​​​You can get a free ‘badge’ for your car (you can put it anywhere you want, though). You can rearrange letters, so if it says you can’t have what you entered, switch letters around. Two per address and you do not have to have a Toyota. I have no clue how long this will be […]

The Old Man

My sweet, yet neurotic, Arthur will be *fifteen* on 02 May. I can’t believe he gets his driver license next year. This year he is around eighty human years! That’s pretty impressive, especially for cat who was tossed in a back alley in Chicago when he was four weeks old. He’s been with me ever […]