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I introduced Arthur to reddit’s SeniorKitties:

Thank You, Friskies!

Your first spin, you will get all 7s, which gets you a free kitty food sample. After that, you can spin and spin and spin, as many times as you like, until you get tired of spinning. I keep this type of food in the closet for emergencies, but I’d never feed Friskies to my […]


Craig is a dog person. I am kind of a cat person, but I also really love dogs. We have talked about getting one. Craig has said he wants to get a dog since we met, almost three years ago. Well, on Thursday the 11th, during that super nasty storm that hit NorCal, Craig became […]

Fifteen And Thirty-Five

Thanking the FSM for my Arthur kitty who is fifteen today! Arthur’s Wish List >>>> and

Almost There

Only seventeen more days until Arthur is 15. I love my kitty. I already got him his birthday present, but I might get him a little something else from his Wish List.

The Old Man

My sweet, yet neurotic, Arthur will be *fifteen* on 02 May. I can’t believe he gets his driver license next year. This year he is around eighty human years! That’s pretty impressive, especially for cat who was tossed in a back alley in Chicago when he was four weeks old. He’s been with me ever […]

Trying To Get Arthur To Play

At fourteen and a half, he only plays a bit compared to how rambunctious he used to be.

Does Your Cat Do This?

Arthur loves to sleep with his head pushed into pillows. I’ve not seen another cat sleep this way.