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Can I Sue Kaiser Permanente?

Posted 2015/05/14 By Lylith

​Can I sue Kaiser Permanente? Is this malpractice? Their doctors, and I use the title very loosely, as it sure wasn’t earned by these people, left me so much worse off than the day I got my KP insurance.   ANDREA BELKO, PCP:   I went in for my annual physical, to discuss my GERD becoming […]

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Screw You, IRS!

Posted 2015/04/26 By Lylith

I e-filed my taxes on 22 March. I got my “the IRS has accepted your federal return” email on 22 March. Then I waited for my refund. I expected my refund within a couple weeks, as usual. I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. On 17 April I got a letter from the IRS saying […]

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Kaiser Permanente Psychiatry Sucks

Posted 2015/03/23 By Lylith

I’m still waiting for the results of my endoscopy. All the discharge paperwork says, other than that they took biopsies, is that they found gastritis. I would normally lock this post, due to the personal information, but I feel that the warning about Kaiser is worth leaving it public. I was supposed to go see […]

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Protected: DMV And SS

Posted 2013/09/25 By Lylith

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Gmail Rant

Posted 2013/07/16 By Lylith

I HATE the Gmail “Categories.” The first day they were introduced, Google/Gmail went through ALL of your archived email and email in your inbox and added their spiffy new Categories to every single one. Without anyone’s permission. At first they were annoying labels in your left side navigation that you could hide by setting them […]

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