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Bernie Vs Hillary

Posted 2015/05/12 By Lylith


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Bernie Sanders 2016!

Posted 2015/05/11 By Lylith

I just donated to Bernie Sanders 2016! You should, too! Let’s put Bernie in the White House! Give early, give often! =)

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Sacramento Hideous Art Council

Posted 2015/03/10 By Lylith

​​​Dear City Council: Hello. I’ve refrained from chiming in about this, as I couldn’t care less about sports, but the more I think about it, the more it bothers me. I am confused, I am angered, I am disgusted. Why you are throwing away over $8 million on a single piece of art (which is […]

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Thanks, Obama!

Posted 2014/11/17 By Lylith

From an email today from DCCC.org*… * I am an Independent, not a Democrat.

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Stupid Voters

Posted 2014/11/05 By Lylith

I’m really glad we’re leaving San Diego, as they just elected a Tea Party freak to Congress [well, he has a 728 vote lead]. Women, children and the poor, across the country, are totally screwed now, at least for the next two years! I really hope the misogynists, bigots, jebus freaks and 1%-ers don’t screw […]

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In Three Words

Posted 2013/05/17 By Lylith
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