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Protected: Photo Update

Posted 2013/12/04 By Lylith

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Devil’s Punchbowl

Posted 2013/09/23 By Lylith

Yesterday, Craig and I drove out to Devil’s Punchbowl. It is a neat Natural Area facility with beautiful rock formations and an interesting history. We both walked the short trail right by the Visitor’s Center, which has quite a few neat, dead trees. Then Craig walked the Mile Loop Trail while I sat by the […]

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Botanic Gardens

Posted 2013/09/21 By Lylith

Craig and I went the University of California, Riverside Botanic Gardens today. We spent about an hour walking around and taking pictures. It was really nice, although somewhat hot. My legs held up a bit better than I expected, but they didn’t last as long as I wanted.

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Hot In The City

Posted 2013/06/28 By Lylith

On Craig’s way home from work today it was 106 degrees: It’s supposed to be a bit warm here the next few days: He spotted a new wild fire, just north-east of us: I took this picture the other day of a part of the hills by where Craig works, that burned on 14 June: […]

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Photos By Craig

Posted 2013/06/25 By Lylith

Last night, Craig was finally able to get some time to go through all the pictures he’s taken this month on our various trips and upload the ones he likes. ~~> San Gabriel Mountains ~~> Birch Aquarium ~~> Lee Carrillo Ranch ~~> Tigers United 35

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3.1 Earthquake

Posted 2013/06/19 By Lylith

We just had an earthquake here in Redlands. All the quakes I’ve felt since moving to California have been many, many miles away, so all I felt was a little shaking. Although the first one I felt, shortly after moving to San Jose, I didn’t even realize was an earthquake as my brain translated the […]

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