Goodbye My Love

Miri peacefully passed away on Friday the 5th. Instead of a memorial service, please donate to her favorite charity in her name, Valley of the Kings. Their website can be found at: She was a fantastic person and will be missed by all who knew her.

Please leave a comment below with a happy memory that you had of her.



  1. Comment by Ian from BARF:

    I had brief interactions with her via Linkedin, where even though I tried to get a job through her company she still kept me encouraged to look on, even though she could only do so much for someone that was talented, but not the talent they were looking for. She will be greatly missed, and I will do more to be a better person.

  2. Comment by Hans:

    Miri was such a beautiful soul who left us too soon. She will be missed.

    Craig, we’ve never met, but I’m so very, very sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you. Blessings upon you and yours.

  3. Comment by Bill Sirinek:

    Miri and I first “met” online in 1998 on the grandfather of all social media sites… sixdegrees! She messaged me out of the blue to compliment my personal website. From then we kept in touch for about a year and a half until I moved into the city (Chicago) and we met for the first time when she, her brother and her boyfriend at the time came to my housewarming party.

    My favorite memory of Miri is when she took me to her favorite place in the world, this wildlife sanctuary a couple hours outside of Chicago. There, I got to feed a full grown lion raw chicken hand-to-mouth (through a chain link fence, mind you!) I also played tug of war with a black bear and a twizzler. That and the fact that she was a strict vegetarian, but would on rare occasion cheat…. with WHITE CASTLE!
    smile emoticon

    I’m still shocked that she’s gone. So tragic. :(

  4. Comment by Amy DeWinter:

    I knew Miri when she lived here in Raleigh. What I remember about her is that she was a tender soul and a great listener. I am sad to hear about all of her suffering and commend her bravery in exposing the pain she experienced. I know she is now released to be free, to be in full light and love. My thoughts are with Craig and any others close to her that are directly impacted by this loss. Blessings.

  5. Comment by Amanda Batty Wolf:

    Miri was one of those friends who holds a solid spot in my memories of living in chicago. I will always keep her alive in my heart.

  6. Comment by Laura Jones:

    Miri, I miss you. When I think of you I think of your laugh and your purple hair and your tenderness. You accepted me instantly with a smile and a story, and it was so easy to be your friend. I remember that crazy purple ball gown from the almost-wedding, and I remember you handling it all with strength and moxie. I look back through your blog and I see you, even in pain, helping that tiny wounded bat… And that’s how I remember you: sweet and caring and always there to help those in need. I hope wherever you are you are free from pain and despair… and I hope there’s a tiger to cuddle.

    Much Love,

  7. Comment by Brian Andes:

    Miri and I met at the Bristol Ren Faire back in 2005. We kept seeing each other around faire all that day and she kept taking pictures of me. I finally went up to her since she apparently wasn’t going to approach closer than camera distance on her own. The end of the day caught us in a rainstorm on the way to our cars. She gave me a big hug and was mortified when she stepped back and saw her red dress had bled all over my white shirt. :)
    Miss you, Miri. I hope you are finally free from the pain, depression and terrors of your past. I feel like I let you down when you needed me the most. You had talked about wanting to end it all at the beginning of the year and kept going more for me and Arthur than for yourself. If I had called you as I had intended, you might have found the strength to keep fighting.

    • Comment by Althera:

      Brian, I think I was there at the fair that day – when the rain storm broke and Miri met you. I remember her checking you out. It was the one time I got to meet her in person, before she left the Chicago area. It is oddly coincidental that both of our strongest memories of her are from that one day … in just one day she made a life long impression on two people.

  8. Comment by Suzy from BARF:

    Miri had a beautiful smile that will be greatly missed.

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