Craig is a dog person. I am kind of a cat person, but I also really love dogs. We have talked about getting one. Craig has said he wants to get a dog since we met, almost three years ago. Well, on Thursday the 11th, during that super nasty storm that hit NorCal, Craig became a daddy. He adopted Jasper.

First picture of Jasper (by Craig)

My picture of Jasper, with my phone for size (no banana available)

Jasper was one of the stray cats who were abandoned by their asshole humans, when the humans moved away (there are at least three others that we’ve seen). Neighbors say that he has been around for at least four years! Four years as a stray, staying in the complex, being fed by quite a few of the residents. He was not chipped. He’s mostly healthy (with a few fleas and giardia). The vet estimated him at 5-7 years old, so we’re going with 6. He weighed in at 14.4 pounds (but he looks and feels heavier), has been neutered and he’s ‘four wheel drive‘. Ever since we moved in, Jasper has met Craig at his car when he gets home from work and escorts him to our door. He will also walk with us to the garbage/recycle dumpsters and back. During the storm, I saw him hiding under Craig’s car. It was so, so nasty outside, I just could not leave him out there. I grabbed a towel, went out and wrapped him up and brought him in. He ran to Craig and the deal was sealed. He loves Craig. He follows him all over the house.

Arthur is really not happy. Really not happy. Arthur, who has lost about half his size and weight over the past five or six years, is quite a bit smaller than Jasper. He charges Jasper, claws out and swinging. Arthur hisses and growls and Jasper either hisses and growls back or he runs away. For the past couple days, Arthur has decided that the upstairs is his and only comes downstairs when he wants food, water or the litter box. Jasper loves (loves!) sleeping on the couch and really doesn’t care about where Arthur is. I know that, with Arthur being 15.5 years old and a solo cat since 2008, he’s not happy with another cat in his house. Especially another male, who just happens to look almost exactly like him. Yes, I’ve called Jasper Arthur a few times already.

I’m so happy for both Craig and Jasper. They are a perfect couple and I can see the happiness is Craig’s eyes. Jasper is Craig’s first pet. I told Craig that Jasper is now his #1 priority. Craig asked if Jasper comes before me and I said yes. I am open that Arthur is my #1 priority.

Your thoughts?

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